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: KO ally remains in tile
: ushas September 19, 2017, 11:52:15 AM
Would guess that the emilia issue (not freeing tile) is separate from the Ray Case one.
You're probably right. Just wanted to quick-report so coupled it into one. Oh well.

There are a few unable to target a tile of incapacitated units issues: (1) One is Emilia's, when you can't target only her own tile and it's occupied (meaning even recheable tile highlight doesn't count it), all other tiles ar a fair game. (2) Another is as described with Ray above, the game doesn't let you target any tile after you right-clicked at the one specific (happened like 3 times to me, and at least in 2 instances it was when being HtH and the tile is where now incapacitated unit was standing before, but unsure of connection), but it all resets into proper behaviour when changing weapon. Suspecting even those two issues are separate problems.

: Re: KO ally remains in tile
: Daithi September 19, 2017, 12:00:11 PM
Split this one - anything jumping out as recreatable? Is there a type of damage (firearms, melee, explosives that is common in all cases)? Maybe armour condition might be a factor too.
: Re: KO ally remains in tile
: ushas September 19, 2017, 01:22:18 PM
Not certain on how to recreate, but will try to supply some details:

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As Emilia happened only once when paying no attention, not much info nor log saved unfortunately. Thought about damage and/or armour, or some healing happening. I think she was incapacitated by Mafia specialist (maybe rifle) on workshop facility attack. Here is the screen - Elena trying to target her tile:

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I had this twice happened with Ray unable to target a tile when he was HtH. Maybe there was a mouseover on an enemy standing next to the tile where now incapacitated unit was or this tile will be in the path. The first time, once I clicked at the enemy -> no targeting anymore. The second time, I just right-clicked to move (see persistent ally thread for the screen).

As for what happened to now incapacitated unit. I don't know yet. Having some logs saved so can do digging as well as play some missions to see on recreation (seeing persistent standing ally is safely in your hands). However, I'm jumping from own work to here and back, not effective at either. 

Some [misleading] clues for 2:
-- there were survivalists at play so firearms damage probable
-- There is also an issue when using end turn key at some unsuspected moment (like right after Ray attacked an enemy with bat), it doesn't allow me to end turn, but targeting tiles isn't possible for a moment. Feeling is similar, however, I think this doesn't require changing weapons to refresh itself.
-- there is also suspicion that KOed unit (1st survivalist and then it was Sam) was supposed to act right before Ray's turn. Nope. That was stupid. With Sam it's other way around.

Note: unacessible tile from (1) applies for everybody, whereas (2) is only happening to one ally till he changes weapons.
: Re: KO ally remains in tile
: ushas September 20, 2017, 03:14:54 PM
Cursed. Can't recreate the one I'm after, while stumbling upon various others. With those logs, was also too optimistic.

However, Daithi, you said v20 is about to be prepared for release soon. Putting aside OW, as I don't know where that stands, issues discussed lately are in the realm of rare, glitches and non-breaking. Or at least seem to be. Personally, I would even rate small every-battle nuisances higher (like unreliable AP indicator, being constantly disturbed by unwanted path-drawing when CC, unclear when input is enables/disabled, etc.), but those aren't show stoppers either. It's good the game looks at least somehow WIP after all. So the point is, shouldn't I refrain from [testing and thus] generating more bugs already?
: Re: KO ally remains in tile
: Daithi September 20, 2017, 03:23:52 PM
Entirely up to you, but unless something bad happens in the next few hours, V20 is likely to be this evening or early tomorrow. Don't say you don't get a decent amount of down time :)
: Re: KO ally remains in tile
: ushas September 20, 2017, 05:15:48 PM
Well, wouldn't be exactly happy spending time chasing things you won't need anymore.

Looking forward to v20! From your list and glimpses of the trailer (a nice map and barks) there are some treats for us too.

Though, had you done something with those specialists not regarded for getting higher tier info in interrogation? How the game is set it's pretty hard to get far on its own, but with that bug practically not feasible (based on my v19 play, statistically like >300 battles for just getting to all lieutenants). So not sure whether we should even try to press going further.
: Re: KO ally remains in tile
: Daithi September 20, 2017, 05:51:13 PM
Yeah, this close, there's really not much point. The barks are way better now - there's a separate set for each gang and ally, so there's way, way more variety. Not all of the barks are filled out for all characters (it resorts to a default in this case), but a lot of them are. V20 will also have the intro, though I think you already get the gist of it :)

No, couldn't do anything with lieutenants in this update, unfortunately. From the perspective of giving feedback on game length and pacing, I agree, there's not much to be said on that score until V21. Tested every OW possibility twice since, along with quite a bit of random testing, and no problems I'm aware of. At this point, the most important thing would be to weed out any show stoppers. Have been testing all day, and nothing yet.

Thanks a lot for all the testing, Ushas, it's really appreciated. The fact Vigilantes is getting its release in October and not Jan - Feb of 2018 is down to the heroic amount of testing you and Nomad have put in.
: Re: KO ally remains in tile
: ushas September 20, 2017, 08:05:42 PM
Np. Hope it will go well.
Though haven't you thanked us similar on the last version already?
Not feeling any heroic amount or such, but just realized, that I'm posting like half a year already. Uff.
By forum history, Nomad was here from beginning, perhaps from times of Kickstarter campaign? That's some dedication! 

Was mostly thinking about pressing further from the point of catching late-game bugs if there are any. But perhaps that's for the better for the initial EA release.

Happy OW is acting reasonable. A little bit of threatening is known have some effect too:)