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: Vigilantes Version 22: What's Happening?
: Daithi November 10, 2017, 12:00:46 PM
+ Enhanced the importance of leaders in combat
+ Added leadership bonuses to the criminal factions in combat
+ AI characters will now target fuel barrels and gas canisters

+ New ally: Arcadi, an on-the-run Russian soldier skilled in battlefield command and firearms
+ New map: subway map
+ New Enemies: Mafia Made Man & Survivalist NCO - support their gangs and provide leadership in the absence of a lieutenant/boss
+ New perk: Stand Fast - Once per battle, when an attack should incapacitate an ally, the ally will survive with 1HP.
+ New perk: Tactical Delay - allows the player team to delay their turns at no ap cost
+ New perk: All out Offensive - Increases team damage by 40% for 1 turn at a substantial AP cost
+ New perk: Terrifying Presence - a scaled up version of initimidating presence, which is has been renamed to "fearsome presence"
+ New status effect: Ronin - applied to characters whose leader has been incapacitated
+ Added voiced cutscene for Arcadi
+ New perk: Mind Cracker - increases interrogation score
+ New perk: Medical Emergency. Can only be activated if an ally has < 40% health. Grants +4 AP, reduces cost of trauma kits by 1, does not trigger AOO, but attack damage reduced to 20%
+ Added Personal Armour Mk 3
+ Added new map: Chinatown 3

+ Added code to allow more control over enemy loadouts and made a number of changes to loadouts
+ Demoralised now inflicts -1 Initiative, -1 AP
+ Slightly reduced cost of gang member recruitment.
+ Diagonal Melee attacks can now be made through tiles with adjacent half, but not full cover
+ Fuel barrels and gas canisters now trigger at the end of the turn they were activated in, allowing them to be used by melee characters
+ Gang leaders and rackets now start with a couple of specialists
+ Added code to allow for gang characters to be weakened in certain circumstances, such as the enforcer in the Ray Case encounter mission

+ Main UI buttons now available on Cityscape
+ Added better information on difficulty levels
+ Enemy status effects now have information provided on them on mouseover enemy + keypress
+ Environmental factors affecting combat are now displayed
+ Improved layout of the combat UI

+ Fixed a non existent ammo object appearing in inventory when auto reloading. (Nomad)
+ Fixed the last enemy dying from fire/bleeding causing not to be auto looted to player inventory. (Nomad)
+ Fixed an issue causing the mafia lieutenant Rico Lucchesi not to end his turn. (Nomad, PhotoFinish)
+ Fixed enemies attacking through cover (Sheepify, Murkki017).
+ Fixed crash when trying to launch attack against gang bosses.
+ Fixed a number of typos (Nomad, Sheepify, Alatar, Shawdawg)
+ Fixed audio volume not being set on startup (Ushas, Nomad)
+ Fixed Peacemaker second fire mode not added correctly (Murkki017)
+ Fixed missing tooltip in options. (Ushas)
+ Fixed subsequent shots from an SMG going in unnatural angles, after hitting an environment object (Murkki017)
+ Fixed voices in cutscenes still playing after cutscene has ended
+ Prevented racket locations being accidentally revealed through surveillance
+ Fixed an issue which could allow the main gang HQ being overwritten by a built racket.
: Re: Vigilantes Version 22: What's Happening?
: Daithi December 08, 2017, 10:58:38 AM
V22 is out now!
: Re: Vigilantes Version 22: What's Happening?
: Nomad December 08, 2017, 04:27:28 PM
I have internet again.  =D
: Re: Vigilantes Version 22: What's Happening?
: Daithi December 08, 2017, 09:35:52 PM
Wow, that was fast, welcome back to cyberspace :)
: Re: Vigilantes Version 22: What's Happening?
: Nomad December 09, 2017, 03:32:27 AM
Yup. It was going to take another week and a half or so, but I ended up signing up for Wireless internet.
They came around and stuck a receiver up on the roof and boom, we're online.
: Re: Vigilantes Version 22: What's Happening?
: codete January 12, 2018, 02:37:03 PM
I really like these changes!
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