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: Vigilantes Version 23: What's Happening?
: Daithi December 11, 2017, 12:48:22 PM
+ Added an enemy trait system. Some traits will be randomly assigned to enemies, whereas some enemies will automatically be assigned specific traits. Traits provide a variety of bonuses to their owners.

+ Added 6 enemy traits: fearsome, terrifying, melee resistant, firearms resistant, martial artist, marksman
+ Boss fights are now available, but dialogue is not yet added
+ Added a new map: Old Industrial 3
+ New craftable item: MK3 Trauma Kit
+ New Perk: Combat Rigging - allows 3 items to be equipped
+ Added a new background city
+ Worked on a number of dialogue encounters
+ Added new perk: Regeneration - regenerate 6% hp per turn, up to 50% of the character's current max hp
+ Added new perk: Know Thine Enemy - reveal an enemy trait once per turn, at no AP cost
+ Added 3 new character portraits

AI Enhancements
+ Enemies can now target environment objects with melee, and run away to avoid the blast
+ Made a number of optimisations to the tactical AI to improve the speed at which enemies with this AI will choose an order
+ Enemies will continue to try to avoid fire, but will now pass through it if it's the best option
+ AI is now less likely to make very long range shots with firearms

+ Firearms can now be unloaded.
+ If all gang lieutenants have been fought, intel on the boss can be gained from specialists. 
+ Rackets now have a small chance to provide intel on bosses
+ There is now a greater chance to gain lieutenant/racket intel from basic troops. The chance is based on presence for live interrogations and surveillance for searches
+ Armoured enemies now have a chance to drop armour components
+ Slightly reduced the amount of cash and ammo enemies drop
+ Survivalists drop less cash now, in light of the better equipment they drop
+ Enemies who flee now gain 2 levels and become a specialist, if they aren't already one.
+ Increased the cost of player facilities
+ Heavy Hitter perk now provides +10% damage with blunt weapons
+ Reduced the number of enemies who carry explosives, and delayed the point at which they get them

+ Added a panel to display information on the various attack modes an item is capable of.
+ If a character has unspent stat, skill, or perk points, a notification will flash at the beginning of their turn
+ Added a button to reset keys to their defaults. This allows a quick solution for rebinding all keys, if the bindings become confused by the additional of new keys
+ Improved the floating damage font

+ Fixed a crash caused by raising Arcadi's relationship to +/-10. (Relendis, MNM)
+ Fixed a number of inventory operations not costing AP (ushas)
+ Fixed an issue preventing the introductory cutscene from being skipped if escape was pressed before cutscene starts.
+ Fixed an issue with armour upgrades not showing if unavailable receipes were selected. (Nomad)
+ Disabled menu at a number of times when it should not be allowed to activate. (Ushas)
+ Ronin Effect no longer carries between missions. (Nomad)
+ Fixed a number of cases where AOO indicator was showing when it should not be. (Ushas)
+ Fixed an issue in which a fleeing enemy could cause the game to hang (MNM)
+ Fixed characters with the tactical AI hanging when all paths blocked by fire. (Doktor_Who)
+ Fixed an issue where using the last sodium thiopental would result in the item not being removed from inventory (AWG)
+ Fixed an AI issues whereby enemies with a high AP weapon, and suffering an AP reduction from wounding would cause game to hand (SevenAteNein)
+ Fixed an incorrectly imported texture for Arcadi. (AWG)
+ Fixed an issue which could cause an enemy with lowered AP not to select an order and complete their turn
+ Fixed a typo (AWG)
: Re: Vigilantes Version 23: What's Happening?
: Daithi January 16, 2018, 04:57:50 PM
And it's out!
: Re: Vigilantes Version 23: What's Happening?
: Nomad January 17, 2018, 07:07:14 AM
Dammit.... 160 KB/sec means an hour and a half wait.  =(
: Re: Vigilantes Version 23: What's Happening?
: Nomad January 17, 2018, 12:30:36 PM
Wow... finally got it downloaded. Now I can install it and have a look... tomorrow.  =)
(It's late and I have to do my minimum word count)
: Re: Vigilantes Version 23: What's Happening?
: Daithi January 18, 2018, 11:35:39 AM
Doh! I've had a terrible internet connection for so long, know how it is. Had to upload over 5GB on 3G a number of times :) Thankfully was able to get a better connection in the new place.