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: The mystery of one action point
: ushas March 03, 2018, 10:34:41 PM
(v24, linux)

Unsure what is happening and investigation yet to follow. For now will just describe the situation:
Sam has 10 Fleetness (8AP per Turn, 8 Max AP). Prior his turn he gets injured (Fleetness -1 -> 7AP per Turn, 7 Max AP) and is wounded (think should be -1AP or so). Now he starts the turn with 7AP and seems an attack with a baton as well as bat will cost him 1 AP less (i.e. 4AP instead of 5AP for a bat and 3AP instead of 4AP for a baton). This is not about the AP indicator showing different cost, tried attacking with the bat and indeed it subtracts 4AP only. The next attack will have normal cost again.

Is it possible that what happened is combination of Sam saving some AP from previous turn while Max AP got lowered but not really? Like that one point isn't there but is?:) Yeah, obviously am unable to pass the thought, so let's just say that if you have any ideas would be glad. Even better if can save me from testing at all, because in case the Fleetness injury is needed, not so easy to recreate.