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Hi there :)
I am Simon (Villspor), I am 29 and from Germany. I work as an IT-Guy, we provide datacenter solutions and support for local businesses. I am interested in games, social events, skiing, design and IT.

I am new to this community and pledged on kickstarter. I am very excited to be a part of this and looking forward to a great time.
If you want to know more, dont hesitate to get in touch!

Welcome Simon! Glad to see you here, and thanks for backing us on Kickstarter. Playing any good games at the minute?  except Vigilantes, of course!  :)

Hey there Si...
Good to have you here...
Always great to be surrounded by great people ^^

Hi Daithi! Hi Nighteyes!
Thank you for your warm welcome to me  :)
It's a great pleasure to support you! I did play Vigilantes today and i really like it. Do you plan to add other languages like German?  8)
I frequently play a game with friends called "Skara" I can send you Steam-Keys, if you are interested and we can compete each other one day  ;)
I wish you a great weekend!

Hi Simon,

Glad to hear you enjoyed playing Vigilantes. It's mostly been fun to make too :) It's difficult to say what will happen with other languages - there are no plans at the minute - the main reason is the story heavy nature of the game. If it were a 2,000 word story, the decision would be easy, but all the story, descriptions, tooltips are probably going to add up to 20,000 words or more, which makes translating it much more difficult. I'll have a look at Skara and see what it's all about, thanks! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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