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Let's play of alpha versions


Hey i am Vlodril and i have done a few let's play videos in various stages of the game's development. You can find it below.

Hey Vlodril. Good to see you here! In case you aren't aware of Vlodril's channel, he puts up a lot of good content and has covered most of the alpha releases of Vigilantes. I've watched them all and gotten a lot of useful feedback from the videos. Check out his channel if you get a chance!

Wow.... it's cool to go back and see how much things have updated since the early builds.
I only came in at version 10 and only played a little as I was waiting for version 11.

Indeed things have changed quite a bit (and i expect they ll change quite a bit more before full release). I am eager to see more myself.

Thanks for the kind words as usual daithi :)

Vlodril has posted another few lets plays of Vigilantes. The new videos start here, if you'd like to have a look!


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