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Forum Rules!
« on: March 16, 2016, 03:23:47 PM »
We hope to form a friendly, easy going community here. In order to help facilitate this, these are the rules which govern forum use.

1. We all see the world differently. This is a good thing, and it's fine if someone doesn't agree with you. Please respect the viewpoints of others.
2. Forum interactions are mostly with people we don't know in person. Consider that what may be okay to say to a pal may cause offense if said to a forum user you barely know.
3. No flaming or bullying.
4. No offensive text or pictures. If you aren't sure about something, err on the side of caution.
5. No links to, or discussion about, illegal software downloads.
6. No spam.
7. Do not ask others for personal information.
8. Do not offer items for sale, attempt to conduct financial transactions, or run contests with financial or monetary payouts.
9. Respect the moderator's decisions. We try as hard as we can to be fair. If you don't think we are being fair, don't complain on the forums in all caps. PM a mod or Daithi in a polite manner to find out why they did what they did. We are doing our best. If a moderator is showing favoritism or some other unfair act then please tell the other mods or Daithi.

Any violation of the rules may result in message deletion, banning, or account revocation, depending on the severity of the violation. Please report any violations using the report feature, and we'll take care of them asap.

Your account on these forums is granted at the sole discretion of Timeslip Softworks or any agent acting on behalf of Timeslip Softworks with Timeslip Softworks's permission. Timeslip Softworks may revoke your account, or limit its access at any time for any reason it determines.
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