Author Topic: Vigilantes Version 20 - What's happening?  (Read 2046 times)


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Vigilantes Version 20 - What's happening?
« on: August 17, 2017, 11:34:16 AM »
Thread for current updates on work being carried out on Vigilantes version 20.

[Tweaks & Balancing]
+ Added story intro
+ Enemies will now be equipped with more diverse equipment
+ Added an improved bark system, which allows for more bark types and on a per faction/character basis
+ Improved the way barks are displayed.
+ Improved gang intel screen appearance.
+ Improved city map appearance. (Thanks Ushas)
+ Improved district labellling
+ Added provisional implementation of final shop system, which regenerates every 2 days.
+ Crafting is now dependent on having the relevant facility upgraded to the correct level.
+ Added ability to get items or cash as a result of an encounter.
+ Increased cost of gang upgrades, to slow down the rate of their advancement.
+ Improved and expanded tutorial content.
+ Can now switch between characters in the perk and injury screens. (thanks Nomad & Ushas)
+ Added note to armour to confirm that once equipped, it cannot be removed, only replaced by a different armour. (thanks Nomad)
+ Allies left at home on a mission regain HP. (thanks Ushas)

+ Added 6 new ranged weapons: Nobuki Ashigaru, Nobuki Ronin, Nobuki Samurai, Sawed off Orthrus, General Arms Peacemaker, Eurocorp Nemesis.
+ Added 2 new melee weapons: Machete and Baton
+ Added new map: Mafia Villa
+ Added new map: Mafia Nightclub
+ All enemy racket maps are in place

+ Fixed an issue with using incendiary grenades in survivalist training facility &  bunker. (Thanks Ushas)
+ Fixed issue causing a crash on escort mission, during enemy spawning. (Thanks Ushas)
+ Fixed issue where trying to craft an item immediately after upgrading one would remove the crafted item. (Thanks Matt and Nathan)
+ Added code to prevent enemies accidentally spawning off map. (Thanks Ushas)
+ Fixed 2 additional overwatch issues. (Thanks Ushas)
+ Fixed issue whereby after increasing equipment level, gang members could crash combat, due to having incorrect items in inventory. (Thanks Nomad & Ushas)
+ Prevented tooltips persisting when using a key to return to combat from character screen or inventory. (Thanks Ushas)
+ Closed a very small window during enemy's turn whereby player could access their inventory and character screen. (Thanks Ushas)
+ Fixed issue with stat and skill points not being committed in all instances when switching character. (Thanks Ushas)
+ Fixed players being able to access the character screens of temporary allies in error. (Thanks Ushas)
+ Fixed a persistent bug with the character info panel remaining active during an enemy's turn. (Thanks Ushas)
+ Fixed slightly different strings inadvertently revealing presence of gang leader in tile (Thanks nomad)
+ Fixed rounding error and improved description of "Wrecking Ball" perk. (Thanks Nomad)
+ Fixed alleys 2 map causing an error. (Thanks Nomad & Ushas)

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Re: Vigilantes Version 20 - What's happening?
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2017, 01:20:50 PM »
Finished the mafia nightclub map - that's all the enemy racket maps taken care of now.


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Re: Vigilantes Version 20 - What's happening?
« Reply #2 on: September 23, 2017, 12:43:37 AM »
V20 is out now!


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Re: Vigilantes Version 20 - What's happening?
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2017, 05:20:22 AM »
From the experience I have come across with the idea that the page is going to be possible.