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My name's Daithi, a developer for Timeslip Softworks. I'm 34 and from Ireland. For the last four years or so, I've been working on developing games. It's something I've always wanted to do, but continually talked myself out of until I lost my job, went back to college to study computing, and found that I loved it.

Much to the chagrin of others, I started working on a game the week my final exams for college started, when I should have been studying. This game was a turn based strategy, made in Java, and after 5 months, I had to accept it was too complicated to finish. So, I started learning Unity, switched to c#, and a few months later started working on Deadstone, which took 2 years to finish. Now, I'm back working on another turn based tactical RPG, Vigilantes, (the game development equivalent of a grudge match) which is going much better than the first time around.

Outside game development, I enjoy film, reading, exercise, and also do a little writing.

Hello Everyone,

I am 34 and from France.

I beta-tested Deadstone in the old days.

I love Manga and RPG.

(Feel free to ask question about myself, I am not very good at self-introduction.)

I also have Asperger syndrone

Hey Exostum. Welcome back : )

Greetings everyone, I'm mid-thirties, originally from Ireland but based in Slovakia for the passed 6 years. I currently work in IT. I've been gaming since the 80's with consoles such as the Spectrum and Atari 2600. I didn't get into PC gaming until more recently. My favorite genre would be FPS and strategy. Today I'm a keen collector of retro systems and games ranging from the NES to the Xbox. Outside of work and gaming, I do some digital art, traditional art, watch movies and sport.

Hello Kolido. Welcome!


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