Author Topic: Vigilantes Version 25: What's Happening?  (Read 108 times)


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Vigilantes Version 25: What's Happening?
« on: February 22, 2018, 03:44:13 PM »
+ Added Utility Slots: additional equipment slots for characters. The number of slots is determined by the Utility stat. This allows for characters to be further customised to suit your playstyle
+ Allies can be used to do the following: Speed up facility construction,

+ Added 5 utility items: Light Armour Plate, EMT Kit, Armoured Ski Mask, Athletic grips, Speed Loader

+ Facilities now take time to build

+ Fixed a bug that could cause inventory items to disappear under a certain set of conditions
+ Fixed a bug which could cause inventory item duplication with item slots under a certain set of conditions (Ushas)
+ Fixed tooltip not appearing for Ronin rifles (Nomad, Brasidas, Nonamenan)
+ Fixed a typo in one of Ray Case's barks. (Nomad)
+ Fixed an issue where transferring item stacks in combat could cause inventory to become non-responsive. (Necroscourge & Ushas)
+ Fixed a number of inventory issues which occur when tabbing away from Vigilantes. (Ushas)
+ Fixed intel searches on bodies preventing level completion when all intel is found. (Nonamenan)
+ Fixed top bar icons showing lower resolution. (Nomad)
+ Fixed no ap cost for transferring all items between inventories. (Ushas)
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