Author Topic: Vigilantes V28: What's happening?  (Read 110 times)


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Vigilantes V28: What's happening?
« on: June 06, 2018, 02:48:48 PM »
+ Additional enemies can now be spawned as a result of a dialogue choice

+ New Perk: Lead Finger (Special Attack: Fire a 4x burst with an SMG for 7AP)
+ New Perk: Weak Spot (Activated: All attacks made with a handgun this turn bypass armour)
+ New Perk: Gunslinger (+20% damage and critical chance with handguns & SMGs)
+ New Perk: Firing Position (-1AP for attacks with precision rifles if character has not moved this turn)
+ New Perk: Sniper (+15% damage, +10% critical chance, +10% chance to hit body parts with precision rifles)
+ New Perk: Destroyer (+20% damage, +20% critical chance with unarmed, bladed and blunt attacks)
+ New Perk: Buckshot Storm (+20% damage with shotguns)

+ Provisionally set max character level at 35, max skill at 125, max stat at 15
+ Reduced upgrades per weapon to 7. Previously, there were up to 14. Upgrades now focus on enhancing the weapons' strengths and retaining distinctions between weapon classes.
+ Melee weapon special attack (bleeding, concussion, winded) chance and armour damage can now be upgraded.
+ Know Thine Enemy Perk now reveals armour condition of enemies, types of equipment carried, and number of enemy reinforcements.

[Quality of Life & Tweaks]
+ The number of upgrades a weapon or armour has are now displayed.
+ Improved crafting interface for weapon and armour stat upgrades.
+ Improved crafting interface for general crafting and item/armour type upgrades.
+ The quantity of items crafted can now be increased.
+ Added reload button to firearms at home.
+ A character's, or your entire team's items can be repaired with a single click.

+ Fixed cancelling body part targetting preventing character from ending turn until another action is carried out
+ Fixed incorrect text being displayed on the city map wealth tooltip (Murkki017)
+ Fixed upgrading a single weapon upgrading multiple weapons of that type. (liessahl, Nomad, Ushas, Snobby)
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