Author Topic: Vigilantes Version 29: What's happening?  (Read 3836 times)


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Vigilantes Version 29: What's happening?
« on: July 13, 2018, 01:21:49 PM »
Testing has begun on V29! Stay tuned

+ Added dialogue encounter for Churcher, Survivalist & Mafia Bosses
+ Added 6 lieutenant encounters, 2 for each gang
+ Added 8 diary entries
+ Added 5 newspaper articles
+ Added raid events for Mafia and Churchers. The goal is to prevent enemies escaping. Raid events happen every few days.
+ Added a new combat encounter: Statue Breakers
+ Added post combat dialogue for Blackmail encounter
+ Added post mission dialogue for all missions with a temporary ally, when the ally has been killed.
+ Updated suburbs city tile and added chinatown tile
+ Added new perk: Fast Delivery (-1 AP throw cost)
+ Added unique items available only from boss fights and through crafring (Red Hawk SE, Lucky Lighter, Raskol 94 SE, General Arms Patriot SE, A Strange Figurine, Normandy SE, General Arms Ranger, Eurocorp Ares, Heavy Knuckle Dusters, Hand Crafted Pistol, Artyom Street Sweeper, Artyom 87)
+ New utility item: Surveillance Kit (+5 surveillance)
+ New utility item: Night Vision Goggles (Removes ranged night CTH penalty of -8% CTH)
+ New utility item: De Inventione (+7 presence)
+ New utility item: Laser Sight (+5% ranged CTH)
+ New utility item: Backpack (+8 lbs carry weight)
+ New utility item: Medium Armour Plate (12% damage reduction)
+ Added crafting recipes for surveillance kit, laser sight, night vision, and backpack
+ Basic ammo can now be crafted using gunpowder
+ Gunpowder can be retrieved from small caliber rounds
+ Basic explosives can now be crafted
+ Added Trauma Kit MK IV, IED and Incendiary Grenade MKIII, Personal Armour MK IV, Sledgehammer+, Tactical Baton
+ Added achievements

+ Sam starts with Deep Sleeper Perk
+ All gang leaders have unique stats.
+ Balanced a number of perks, typically making them more powerful.
+ Balanced perk requirements. Previously, requirements were deliberately low to allow players to try them, and to facilitate testing.
+ Balanced crafting skill and facility requirements. As with perks, their requirements were deliberately low.
+ Made a number of adjustments to gang equipment. Armour and and specialist equipment is one level lower.
+ Gang leader retinues start with a specified number of specialists and then get no more.
+ Once a boss is defeated, the gang will no longer purchase upgrades or build rackets, their income will be reduced, and their equipment level reduced.
+ Improved quality of loot, especially for rackets
+ Enemy armour quality is now restricted by the quality of the troop
+ Shotguns do more damage, but damage drops off to 50% at maximum range
+ Modified critical hit chance of all weapons
+ Balanced all ranged and melee weapons
+ Utility slots now require 3 utility each, rather than 4
+ Rackets now require 1, rather than 2 pieces of intel to reveal.

[Game Information]
+ Added a help section
+ Added information on perk type, ap cost and cooldowns when required.
+ Added information on chance of melee special effects.
+ Added Team screen tutorial
+ Revised tutorials
+ Added information on how ally relationship changes on the team screen
+ More information is now available on gang level, equipment, and rackets.
+ When gangs level up, purchase an upgrade or build a racket, a notification will appear.
+ Added a text component to show the number of AP an action costs.

[Quality of Life]
+ Added an option to disable confirmation beeps
+ Perks can now be filtered by type
+ Added an option to view more minimal graphics to show which tiles can be reached
+ Added the ability to unload all weapons in the home inventory
+ Updated tooltips.
+ If gangs have no remaining racket or lieutenant intel, the relevant gang buttons on the ally ops screen will be grayed out
+ Added option for auto end turn. Turns end in all situations, except when character is standing on a flee tile.
+ Increases the number of portraits shown in combat from 7 -> 9
+ Added buttons for each ally to character and inventory screens, to allow for rapid switching between characters.
+ Removed the unnecessary surveillance debriefing and replaced it with a pop up notification.

+ Some lieutenants can now be challenged to a duel.
+ Improved layout and legibility of information on gang leaders screen
+ Multiple instances of most utility items can no longer be equipped
+ Improved post mission looting screen.
+ Improved a number of firearms SFX

+ Fixed a number of occasions in which correct ap was not showing. (Nomad, ushas)
+ Fixed incorrect component being required, when switching to weapon upgrades after upgrading armour. (exMachninaOz & Tyroneemail)
+ Fixed a number of text errors (Helena)
+ Fixed a number of text errors (John)
+ Fixed inconsistent mouse wheel zooming in combat.
+ Fixed a couple of cases where incorrect gender was being displayed in encounters.
+ Fixed a number of UI elements which were out of place on 21:9 aspect ratio resolutions
+ Fixed crafting recipe scrollbar getting stuck
+ Utility items can not be equipped during combat. This prevents items with "consumable" bonuses from being used, then replaced.
+ Prevented switching away from inventory in combat when dragging an item (ushas)
+ Fixed no ap cost for moving stackable items in combat.
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