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Vigilantes Alpha Release 6 & Update Information


Alpha 6 is now available from Humble and Indie Game Stand, and Indie DB Here's a brief rundown of the changes:


* Added Tactical Re-Positioning, which allows you to re-position your team before the battle begins
* Added item deterioration. The condition of items deteriorates when used. Melee weapons become unusable, firearms jam, armour offers less protection
* Added ability to repair items.
* Added blunt weapons
* Added ability to switch blood on/off

* Increased speed of animations and tightened up time between AI actions to improve pacing

* Added 3 new perks: Well Oiled, Heavy Swing, Precise Strike
* Added 2 new weapons: Claw Hammer & Baseball Bat
Bug Fixes

* Fixed issue with reloading costing twice as much AP when character has 2 ammo types for same gun. (Thanks Vlodril)
* Fixed error in reachable tile display (Thanks Vlodril)


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