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The pop-up messages on the cityscape obscure the gang intel and the action buttons.
Doing intel on the cityscape, the gang intel and action buttons get obscured by the information pop-ups, like info obtained, skill level-up and gang actions like leveling or building a facility.

The cityscape help screen still says you can see all allies on the map for early access. Remember to  update this when you release.

This is my first time with the updated Athletic (I'm thinking of the one that gives you 2 movement AP).
Would it be possible to have crouching count as movement? It currently costs 1 AP and comes off of your normal AP.

The scenario where you assist the Police chief (or whoever the naked guy with the hand gun is that the mafia are going for), perhaps don't have an interrogation option after, seeing as he ends by saying he's going to get the media in and the police, etc.
He's clearly taking over the scene.

Hey Nomad :)

I agree, it's quite cluttered. I'll see if there's anything I can do with it.

Have changed the tutorial now.

I was thinking about crouching - move ap. Will have a look at it.

Hey Nomad,

I didn't get to change crouching to move AP before the release version. Am in agreement that it should be done though. I'd expect a number of post release updates, though these will focus on content and bugs, and be much smaller than updates so far. There's a very good chance this will get looked at in the first one.

In V1.02, crouching will use move AP if any are available.

Awesome. Glad it made it in.
I just finished a game from start to finish in V1.02.

Firstly.... this is the first game of Vigilantes that I've ever completed.
I've never played through to completion before.

I knocked off the Survivalists first, then the Mafia.
I still had two Confessors, one at 33% intel, the other at 66% intel, but I had 100% on the CEO. So I went after her.
Saw the impressive cathedral map.
Took her out and the game ended.

Considering playing again and killing EVERYONE to see how it ends.

I really liked all the new gear and guns. Great variety.
This is the first game where I really actually used sniper rifles. Great stuff.
The utility items are a great addition. I actually crafted some.

Overall.... I give two thumbs up.  =)


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