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Suggestion: Clear the Board or New Game+


Heavy Artillery:
As a suggestion, I was thinking it would be nice to be able to finish clearing the board after taking out the gang leadership.  This could happen by returning to the character/map screen after defeating the last captain/viewing the finale.  This would be more for the completist that wants to 'rid crime' from the rest of the city map.

Another suggestion is to start a New Game+ mode carrying over your characters and equipment to a higher (or player selectable) level of difficulty.  This would be equivalent to moving your existing crew over to a new city to continue the fight...


Hey Heavy Artillery. Cheers for suggestion. I think clearing the board might take in the region of 15-20 hours, and if you have already beaten the bosses, these fights will offer almost no challenge to the player. With New Game+ it would be very difficult to balance enemy versus players, and there won't really be much progression left as you'll likely already have most of the high end perks etc. Will keep it in mind though.


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