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Version 1.02 - What's happening?
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:29:34 PM »
Log of work carried out on Vigilantes V1.02!

+ Restored the escort mission encounter.

+ Save games made after V1.02 will be sorted by save time
+ Thrown weapons, including smoke grenades, can be used on the active character's current tile.
+ Added text to upgrades to inform players of armour and weapon type upgrades.
+ It is now possible to change attack type when targeting body part.
+ Crouching can be done with move AP.

+ Adrenaline now takes the highest of 50% current AP, or 50% of the AP per turn derived stat

[Bug Fixes]
+ Fixed issue with last trauma kit/explosive being used causing game to occasionally become unresponsive. (Thanks all!)
+ Fixed being able to walk inside building in Kurt Renko map (murrki017)
+ Fixed character skill leveling up quickly, in error, after 139. (Dickie & murrki017)
+ Fixed dragging more of a stackable item to an equipment slot not updating weight. (Dickie)
+ Fixed delaying turn causing cooldowns to be reduced in certain circumstances. (Ushas, Curious Fellow, Lord Lancelot)
+ The quantity of currently equipped, stacked items, is now updated when one of them are used.
+ Fixed errors with Nocturnal perk. (Curious Fellow)
+ Fixed Dim Mak Perk. (LordLancelot)
+ Fixed HP in the initiative queue not always being updated when healing an ally. (willsama974)
+ Fixed crafting recipes not being visible on 4K resolutions (Boughrock & Darcek)
+ Fixed turns not ending if last AP is expended by using a perk. (ushas)
+ Fixed message sent status effect (and achievement) not triggering (LordLancelot & Non)
+ Fixed not being able to delay turn with tactical delay if character has 0 AP and available movement points
+ Fixed boss info being displayed in wrong places (murkki017)
+ Fixed missing info on boss screen for Alex Mazlo. (dee221987)
+ Fixed upgrade description of Nobuki Samurai. (ushas)
+ Fixed a number of UI elements which remain on screen when delay turn is pressed. (ushas)
+ Fixed characters not healing during crafting. (ushas)
+ Fixed scrolling on looting screen (ushas)
+ Movement display no longer takes firing position into account (Ushas)
+ Movement display is now updated after using all out offensive. (Ushas)
+ Fixed crouch not being taken into account on movement display when using melee weapons. (Ushas)
+ Blocked input through UI buttons which could cause errors when targeting body parts.
+ Fixed normal thrown attacks reducing AP by same amount as snap attack. (Curious Fellow)
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