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Armour duplication


Hey there.
Remember ages ago when I made multiple armours and when I equipped it, they were all used because they didn't really stack?

Well... this time I made two armours... and it added two armours to the base inventory.
I put one on a character... and I still had two armours.
I put the "second" on another character... and I still had two armours.
I put one on each of my two remaining allies... and I still have two armours.

I do prefer the bugs that don't penalise.  =)

Not sure if you're still working on this... but just thought I'd let you know.


So... I had my first fight with the armour.
Got hit pretty hard.
After the fight... one of the armours in the base inventory was "Broken".
I checked... and three of the four characters had "Broken" armour. One of those three got really badly smashed in the fight (used that trait where they keep standing after being knocked below one health).

It seems that we are all sharing the same armour (except for one character who got their own armour).

Hey, sorry I missed your post, Nomad. It's been fairly quiet around here and I've sort of fallen out of the habit of checking the forum. Must have introduced this bug when fixing another armour bug. It looks like there's still a duplication issue, where multiple copies are made of the same armour. Pretty sure it will only happen when making multiple armours at once. Thanks for putting it on the radar, will go after it on next update.

The duplication is fixed - starting to prepare the builds now. I think the display objects were just being duplicated, as opposed to the armour themselves, so multiple characters could equip the same armour.


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