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Version 1.05 - What's Happening?


+ New Utility Item: Alcohol - Injuries don't reduce stats, but -3 initiative
+ New Utility Item: Sharpening Stone - +15% bleeding and +4% critical chance on bladed weapons
+ New Utility Item: Weight - +15% concussion chance and +6% damage on blunt weapons
+ New Utility Item: Spinning Bow Tie - Reduces the chance of enemy interrupts and AOO by 10%
+ New Weapons: Tactical Katana +, Preston Mule +
+ New Perk: Perky - gain 2 perk points
+ New Perk: Skull Cracker - Increases damage from targeted head attacks by 25%
+ New Perk: Linebacker - Increases interrupt/AOO chance by 15%
+ New Perk: Fan Out - The entire team can move 2 additional tiles in the reposition phase
+ New Perk: Ops Specialist - Reduces the time required for ally operations by 40%
+ New Crafting Recipes: Sharpening Stone, Weight, Tactical Katana +, Preston Mule +
+ Added an epilogue for the Elias Rooke & Nadia Belmont encounters
+ Added 5 new diary entries
+ Added 4 newspaper articles

+ Stat points for allies before they are discovered are no longer automatically allocated
+ Added extra information on commonly used TLAs (three letter acronyms) and overwatch
+ Modified the overwatch threshold buttons to make the active button more obvious

[Bugs & Text Errors]
+ Fixed bug whereby if gang boss is eliminated, the highest ranking lieutenant will not display on the gang intel screen. (inanimate carbon rod & liessahl)


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