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Version 1.06 - What's happening


- New Perk: Float Like A Bee - Increases armour class by 6, if no firearms or melee weapons are equipped
- New Perk: Underworld Nemesis - Demoralises up to 3 enemies at the start of combat, reducing their AP and initiative
- New Perk: Mobility Drills - Increases move AP by 1 for entire team
- New Perk: Don't Interrupt Me - Reduces chance of triggering an interrupt or attack of opportunity by 8%
- New Perk: Influential - Doubles the character's area of influence, allowing them to inflict fear and terror on more distant enemies
- New Equipment: Specialised Tools +
- New Equipment: Field Manual
- New Equipment: Advanced EMT Kit
- New Weapon: General Arms Peacemaker +
- New Weapon: Bar Mace +
- Added 7 new newspaper articles

[Bugs & Text]
- Raid difficulty now scales with time, rather than being linked to the difficulty of the tile the raid occurs on (Dorok)
- Defeating Elias Rooke now provides a single piece of high level intel
- Fixed a number of text errors (liessahl & awg)


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