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Vigilantes Alpha Release 9 & Update information


Alpha 9 took a little longer than the typical 2 week release schedule, but it's now available here. Part of the delay this was due to it being a slightly bigger than normal release, with the additional coding for interior levels, but from a development point of view, things didn't go very smoothly, with problems taking longer to resolve than normal.

Alpha 9 change log

* Added code to support interior levels
* Added first interior level
* Added new enemy: Church of the Final Exodus Fanatic
* Added option for greater control over lighting quality/performance
* Fixed a number of issues relating to fire
* Worked on AI behaviour around fire. This is by no means a final implementation, and was added to deal with potential exploits relating to fire
* Added post mission looting. You can now acquire additional items using your surveillance and bypass skills
* Made a number of improvements to improve visibility of text and icons


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