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Buy Vigilantes!

Vigilantes is currently available as a free alpha download for Windows. For those who like the direction of the game, and would like to support development, a paid version at a substantial discount is available. The Vigilantes game can currently be purchased direct, with order fulfillment by either of two reputable online game retailers: Humble and Indie Game Stand. The paid version includes a standalone download, and a Steam key will be provided when the game is launched on Steam. Both Vigilantes and Deadstone are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Why Purchase Direct?

When you purchase a game direct from the developer, a much greater % of the sale price reaches the developer. Vigilantes is an ambitious game crafted with great care and passion by a small studio, and additional funding will go a long way in securing the time, and help required for the game to realise its full potential.

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Buy Vigilantes & Deadstone & Your Name In Credits

Buy Vigilantes & Deadstone & Your Name In Credits & Perk Design