Timeslip Softworks

Welcome to the homepage of Timeslip Softworks, an Irish based independent PC game development studio founded in June 2014. Based in Donegal, in the North-West of Ireland, the studio is comprised of one full time developer, who has been enjoying games since the days of the 48k Spectrum, working with skilled artists and voice talent from around the world to create the most compelling game-play experiences possible. Games by Timeslip Softworks are developed for PC using Unity and the C# programming language.


The studio’s first game, Deadstone, released on Steam in November 2014, is a sci fi themed, top down shooter with elements of tower defense, resource management, and an RPG style character development system. It also includes two player local co-op support, two game modes, each with their own progression system, and two separate campaign stories. Deadstone currently has an 86% positive review rating on Steam.


With the exception of a number of weeks spent providing updates to Deadstone, the sole focus of development since November 2014 has been Vigilantes, a crime themed turn based tactical RPG game for PC. I grew up playing X-Com, Jagged Alliance, and Fallout. Turn based games are very dear to me, so since starting with game development, I’ve always wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the genre.


In addition to developing Deadstone and Vigilantes, I’ve also create a number of Unity & C# Youtube tutorials, which you can find here: Youtube Channel