Prometheus Wept – Dev Log 3

Prometheus Wept Log 3: New Feature - System Infiltration

Hi again! I hope you’re keeping safe and healthy. Previously, I’ve hinted at a big, unannounced feature of Prometheus Wept. Finally, enough progress has been made to talk about it. To begin, you may be aware that Prometheus Wept takes place in the aftermath of a cyber attack which corrupted most of our digital technology.

The new feature allows the protagonist to digitise their consciousness and enter corrupted computer networks as an avatar...

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Prometheus Wept – Dev Log 2

Prometheus Wept Log 2: Moving on From Vigilantes Part II

The first development log covered a number of areas which Prometheus Wept will improve on Vigilantes: deeper combat, strong consequences for player choice, more emphasis on storytelling. This follow-up covers the remaining improvements, with one notable exception, which will be covered at a later date. Prometheus Wept has a Steam Page and this log is also available in video format.

A Deeper, More Granular Crafting System

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Prometheus Wept – Dev Log 1

Prometheus Wept Log 1: Moving On From Vigilantes Part I

Welcome to the first development log for Prometheus Wept, a turn based RPG set on a near future earth in which virtually all computerised technology has been rendered inoperable by a virus, casting mankind into a new dark age.

Prometheus Wept uses the code from Vigilantes, the studio’s second game, as a starting point, a base camp from which to reach for greater altitude. This development log covers around half of the key areas Prometheus Wept aims to improve on its predecessor...

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Prometheus Wept Announced!

Prometheus Wept Announced!

Since the release of Vigilantes, I’ve been hard at work on a third game and have made sufficient progress to create a Steam page and share more information. The new game is Prometheus Wept, a turn and party based RPG in a post technology world. While a considerable amount of work remains before a demo will be available, periodic development logs will soon commence to provide you with more info on various aspects of the game. I hope you’ll stick around and join me on the journey.

Pssst… this isn’t the protagonist.

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