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Report a Bug / Re: Escape from cityscape
« Last post by Daithi on Today at 12:18:42 PM »
Definitely a user experience feature  :)
Report a Bug / Re: ChinaTownGraveyard1
« Last post by Daithi on Today at 12:17:16 PM »
Thanks, will fix this up.
Report a Bug / Re: Inter-battle persisting effects
« Last post by Daithi on Today at 12:16:23 PM »
Must have missed this one - will be fixed for V25.
Report a Bug / Re: Temporal freeze with a bat
« Last post by Daithi on Today at 12:15:29 PM »
Will use a baseball bat as much as possible when testing V25. Can't see anything in the log which might suggest a problem. Quite a lot of processor activity happens when characters get a level up, so just to eliminate a possibility (and based on your post, this doesn't seem like a runner) does this hang occur when you haven't levelled up?
Thanks for checking up on the fix.
Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Intel on gangs v21-23
« Last post by Daithi on March 19, 2018, 02:42:50 PM »
Gang intel screen could well be reporting incorrectly - seems like a good place to start.

There are likely to be some bugs around late game intel - it doesn't get that much testing. Fixed an issue in this area last week. If you have all leadership intel, it should attempt to give racket intel, and failing that it might give boss intel, or downgrade the intel quality and tell you about a district.
Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Intel on gangs v21-23
« Last post by ushas on March 19, 2018, 12:53:44 AM »
Racketeering in v24
About the test. No intel on leadership. Slept till churchers had all rackets lvl2 (2 x lvl2 chop shops according to log). Interrogated mafia specialists about church. Was given a racket intel all right. It was indeed a chop shop. However, then on the gang intel screen it says Chop chop lvl 1. Upon finding out the place on the cityscape it says lvl2. I'm not sure how/if a map differs lvl1 vs. lvl2, so nothing definitive from the battle itself. The first racket gave me intel on the second one and the second lvl2 Chop Shop informed about a church lieutenant.

-- Perhaps gang intel screen wrongly reports racket level?
-- So, yes, enemies do give intel on lvl 2 rackets (assuming the gang intel screen info is wrong)

Could there be any difference when one has all intel on leadership uncovered already?
(aka was thinking about the next time I'm to get all intel on leadership first and then try ask about rackets...)
Resolved Bugs / Re: [Resolved] AI hang: Melee enemy and enviromental object
« Last post by ushas on March 19, 2018, 12:39:25 AM »
A bit looked on how they behave in v24 (including rehearsal of Ray's mission with enforcer), it seems they are indeed more cautious to trigger containers. Have seen them consistently run away (as far as tested). So seems your fix was successful in changing behaviour. 

Had only once an enemy not stepping away: It was right on the first mission, brother and sister. So the brother starts turn next to Sam and container, activates and ends turn. This puts him down. But think he was also already wounded and that those two have something like 5AP. Thus guess when wounded he can have 3AP -> that's barely enough for activation. So... unless mistaken, am declaring this one also ok:)
Report a Bug / Sam 'barking' miss when Arkadi misses
« Last post by ushas on March 17, 2018, 02:40:31 AM »
(v24, linux)

So far experienced only on Arcadi's mission: When Arcadi misses a shot with his Patriot it says "Miss" above his head, but then it also says "Miss" above the head of Sam once his next turn comes.
Report a Bug / Inter-battle persisting effects
« Last post by ushas on March 17, 2018, 02:39:48 AM »
(v24, linux)

Just opening this in case will be handy for keeping track of effects that can persist from a battle to a battle.

Right now (v24) am certain only about this one:
-- On fire (though it doesn't deal any damage, tooltip says 0HP)
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